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Used CAT 307C Excavator

Brand             CAT

Model Name        307C

Operating Weight   7210KG

Dipper Capacity      0.31m³

Weight             7Ton

Moving Type   Crawler

Engine Power        41KW

Hydraulic Cylinder Brand   CAT

Core Components   Motor, Pump, Engine

Place of Origin     US

Engine Brand       Caterpillar

Keywords          Used Excacator


Powerful: The Caterpillar 307C excavator is equipped with a high-performance diesel engine that has a strong power output and is able to complete heavy excavation work.

Flexible operation: The 307C excavator adopts advanced hydraulic system and joystick control, which is flexible and convenient to operate, and can carry out accurate excavation and loading work.

Easy maintenance: The parts and lubrication points of the Caterpillar 307C excavator are reasonably arranged for easy maintenance and maintenance, reducing repair time and costs.

Flexible configuration: The 307C excavator can be configured according to the needs of users, and a variety of accessories with different functions can be selected to meet the requirements of different work scenarios.

Used CAT 307C Excavator

Used CAT 307C Excavator

Used CAT 307C Excavator

Used CAT 307C Excavator

Used CAT 307C Excavator

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