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Used KOMATSU PC210-8 Excavator

Brand             KOMATSU

Model Name        PC210-8

Operating Weight    20630KG

Dipper Capacity      0.9m³

Weight             21Ton

Swing Speed         12.4rpm

Travel Speed         3.0/4.1/5.5km/h

Engine Model        Komatsu SAA4D107E-1

Engine Power        110KW

Displacement        6.69L

Fuel Tank Capacity     400 L

Hydraulic System      135L

Cooling System        20.4L

Transport Length      9425 mm

Transport Width       3000 mm

Transport Height       3040 mm


The Komatsu PC210-8 excavator is a medium-sized excavator with high efficiency and energy saving, high working flow and pressure of the hydraulic system, and a robust and durable frame structure.

The engine has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving, with strong power output and good combustion efficiency, thereby improving work efficiency and reducing fuel consumption.

Advanced hydraulic system, with high working flow and pressure, can quickly respond to the operator's instructions, improve the working speed and accuracy.

The frame structure is strong and durable, with high stability and earthquake resistance, and can adapt to the working environment under various geological conditions.

The operation table is reasonably designed, equipped with advanced ergonomic control system, easy to use, and can improve the comfort and work efficiency of operators.

The equipment is equipped with a variety of tools and accessories, which can adapt to different work tasks and improve the versatility and adaptability of the machine.

Used KOMATSU PC210-8 Excavator

Used KOMATSU PC210-8 Excavator

Used KOMATSU PC210-8 Excavator

Used KOMATSU PC210-8 Excavator

Used KOMATSU PC210-8 Excavator

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