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Used KOMATSU PC220-8 Excavator

Brand             KOMATSU

Model Name        PC220-8

Operating Weight    23100KG

Dipper Capacity      1m³

Weight             22Ton

Swing Speed         11.7rpm

Travel Speed         3.1km/h

Engine Model        Komatsu SAA6D107E-1

Engine Power        110KW

Displacement        6.69L

Fuel Tank Capacity     400L

Hydraulic System      135L

Cooling System        19.8L

Transport Length      9885mm

Transport Width       5190mm

Transport Height       3185mm


Strong power: Komatsu PC220-8 excavator is equipped with a high-power engine, which can provide powerful power, so that it can efficiently complete various excavation operations during the working process.

High stability: The excavator adopts advanced hydraulic system and stability control technology, which can maintain the stability of the excavator in the operation process, reduce vibration and improve work efficiency.

Easy to operate: Komatsu PC220-8 excavator's operating system is simple and easy to understand, convenient and fast to operate, so that operators can easily master the use of the machine skills, improve work efficiency.

Easy maintenance: The maintenance of the excavator is relatively convenient, easy to repair and replace spare parts, reduce maintenance costs and time, and improve the utilization rate of the equipment.

Used KOMATSU PC220-8 Excavator

Used KOMATSU PC220-8 Excavator

Used KOMATSU PC220-8 Excavator

Used KOMATSU PC220-8 Excavator

Used KOMATSU PC220-8 Excavator

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