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Used CAT 336 Excavator

Brand             CAT

Model Name        336

Operating Weight    37100KG

Dipper Capacity      2.12m³

Weight             36Ton

Swing Speed         8.84rpm

Travel Speed         4.7km/h

Engine Model        Cat C7.1 TTA

Engine Power        225KW

Displacement        7.01L

Fuel Tank Capacity     600L

Hydraulic System      373L

Cooling System        39L

Transport Length      11170mm

Transport Width       3340mm

Transport Height       3180mm


High performance: The CAT 336 excavator is equipped with a powerful and efficient engine that enables it to provide superior performance in a variety of operating conditions. It has excellent excavation force and traction, and is able to handle a large number of work tasks.

Powerful hydraulic system: CAT 336 excavators are equipped with a high-performance hydraulic system to provide stable and reliable hydraulic power. This not only improves the work efficiency of the excavator, but also enables it to adapt to a variety of excavation work.

Advanced technology: The CAT 336 excavator uses advanced technology, including intelligent control systems and automation functions. These technologies make operation easier and more precise, and provide higher productivity and reliability.

Comfort: The CAT 336 excavator features an advanced cockpit design that provides excellent ergonomics. It has a spacious seat, a good view, and comfortable controls that allow the operator to work for long hours without fatigue.

Used CAT 336 Excavator

Used CAT 336 Excavator

Used CAT 336 Excavator

Used CAT 336 Excavator

Used CAT 336 Excavator

Used CAT 336 Excavator

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