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Used CAT 140H Grader

Brand             CAT

Model Name        140H

Engine Model        Caterpillar 3176CDITAATAACVHP

Engine Power        138KW

Displacement        10.3L

Fuel Tank Capacity     397L

Hydraulic System      80L

Cooling System        38L

Blade length x height    3658*610mm

Depth of shovel blade    725mm

Overall length          8173mm

Overall width           2464mm

Overall Height          3131mm


Powerful power: The Caterpillar 140H Grader uses Caterpillar engines and has a powerful power output, which can easily cope with a variety of complex site environments and working conditions.

Good stability: The grader has excellent balance and stability, keeping the body smooth during operation, and providing good stability when the operator is driving.

Easy to operate: Caterpillar 140H grader adopts advanced control system, easy to operate and easy to learn, even novice can quickly master the operation skills, improve work efficiency.

Strong versatility: the grader has a variety of functions, can be leveling, leveling, land preparation and other work, suitable for a variety of sites and engineering needs.

Used CAT 140H Grader

Used CAT 140H Grader

Used CAT 140H Grader

Used CAT 140H Grader

Used CAT 140H Grader

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