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Used HITACHI ZX200 Excavator

Brand             HITACHI

Model Name        ZX200

Operating Weight   20000KG

Dipper Capacity      0.91m³

Weight             20Ton

Moving Type   Crawler

Engine Power        125KW

Hydraulic Cylinder Brand  HITACHI

Core Components   Motor, Pump, Engine

Place of Origin      Japan

Engine Brand       HITACHI

Keywords          Used Excacator


Strong power: The ZX200 is equipped with a high-performance engine and advanced hydraulic system, providing strong power output and excellent excavation performance, able to cope with various operating needs.

Comfortable operation: ZX200 is designed with an ergonomic operating room, equipped with comfortable seats and good visibility, so operators can stay comfortable and focused during long hours of work.

Versatility: The ZX200 is equipped with a variety of working devices and accessories, which can adapt to different engineering needs, such as excavation, shoveling, leveling, etc., and has strong versatility.

Stability: It has stable working performance and excellent balance, and can maintain stable operating status in various complex terrains and working conditions, improving operating safety and efficiency.

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