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Used HITACHI ZX50U Excavator

Brand             HITACHI

Model Name        ZX50U

Operating Weight    5170KG

Dipper Capacity      0.19m³

Weight             5Ton

Swing Speed         9.3rpm

Travel Speed         2.6km/h

Engine Model        Yanmar 4TNV88

Engine Power        29.8KW

Displacement        2.2L

Fuel Tank Capacity     70L

Hydraulic System      59L

Cooling System        6.6L

Transport Length      5460mm

Transport Width       2000mm

Transport Height       2600mm


High power and speed: The Hitachi ZX50U is equipped with a powerful engine that delivers high power and speed, thus increasing work efficiency.

Flexibility: The excavator has a very flexible steering ability and a 360-degree rotating platform, which can be flexibly operated in a narrow work site and improve the convenience of construction.

Stability: The rugged design and balancing system ensure stability in different terrains and conditions, reducing the risk of rollover.

Easy to operate: This model is equipped with a user-friendly cockpit design and easy-to-use control system, so that the operator can easily grasp the functions and operations of the excavator.

Easy maintenance: the various parts and components of the machine are reasonably arranged and easy to maintain and repair. It is also equipped with an intelligent fault diagnosis system that can quickly identify faults and provide solutions.

Used HITACHI ZX50U Excavator

Used HITACHI ZX50U Excavator

Used HITACHI ZX50U Excavator

Used HITACHI ZX50U Excavator

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