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Used HITACHI EX60 Excavator

Brand             HITACHI

Model Name        EX60

Operating Weight    6300KG

Dipper Capacity      0.36m³

Weight             6Ton

Swing Speed         14.5rpm

Travel Speed         4.8km/h

Engine Model        Nissan A-BD30

Engine Power        40.3KW

Displacement        3L

Fuel Tank Capacity     35.7L

Hydraulic System      90L

Cooling System        10L

Transport Length      6080mm

Transport Width       2200mm

Transport Height       2570mm


Strong power: The engine equipped with Hitachi EX60-5 excavator has a strong power output, which can efficiently complete excavation operations under various working conditions.

Good fuel economy: The excavator adopts advanced fuel injection system and energy-saving technology, which can effectively reduce fuel consumption and improve economy.

Easy operation: Hitachi EX60-5 excavator adopts humanized design, reasonable layout of control rod and button, easy operation and improve work efficiency.

Fast displacement speed: The excavator is equipped with an efficient gearbox to achieve fast and smooth displacement.

Used HITACHI EX60 ExcavatorUsed HITACHI EX60 Excavator

Used HITACHI EX60 Excavator

Used HITACHI EX60 Excavator

Used HITACHI EX60 Excavator

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