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Used KOMATSU PC200-6 Excavator

Brand             KOMATSU

Model Name        PC200-6

Operating Weight    19180KG

Dipper Capacity      0.8m³

Weight             20Ton

Swing Speed         12.4rpm

Travel Speed         5.5km/h

Engine Model        Komatsu S6D102E

Engine Power        99KW

Displacement        5.9L

Fuel Tank Capacity     340 L

Hydraulic System      166L

Cooling System        13.9L

Transport Length      9510 mm

Transport Width       2800 mm

Transport Height       2985 mm


Komatsu PC200-6 excavator is a kind of mining equipment widely used in the field of engineering construction, with strong power and strong adaptability.

Powerful power: PC200-6 excavator is equipped with a high-performance engine, which can provide enough power to complete various excavation tasks.

Good stability: The excavator is equipped with a track design with strong stability, which can maintain good stability and balance on the unstable ground.

Easy operation: PC200-6 excavator adopts humanized operation design, simple and convenient operation, reducing the learning cost of operators.

Strong adaptability: The excavator can be flexibly adjusted and configured according to different sites and excavation tasks, and has a wide range of applications.

Easy maintenance: The repair and maintenance of PC200-6 excavator is relatively simple and easy to maintain.

Used KOMATSU PC200-6 Excavator

Used KOMATSU PC200-6 Excavator

Used KOMATSU PC200-6 Excavator

Used KOMATSU PC200-6 Excavator

Used KOMATSU PC200-6 Excavator

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