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Used VOLVO EC200B Excavator

Brand             VOLVO

Model Name        EC200B

Operating Weight    20500KG

Dipper Capacity      0.85m³

Weight             20Ton

Swing Speed         11.6rpm

Travel Speed         5.5km/h

Engine Model        D6E

Engine Power        110KW

Displacement        5.7L

Fuel Tank Capacity     350L

Hydraulic System      160L

Cooling System        32L

Transport Length      5872mm

Transport Width       2200mm

Transport Height       2950mm


Powerful working capability: The Volvo EC200B excavator has an efficient and flexible working capability to quickly excavate and move large amounts of earth and stone.

Excellent performance: The Volvo EC200B excavator uses an advanced hydraulic system and power system to achieve smooth and efficient work, with excellent control accuracy and operating comfort.

Durable structure: Volvo EC200B excavator adopts high-quality materials and strong structural design, with strong seismic and pressure resistance, and can adapt to a variety of harsh working environments.

Easy maintenance: Volvo EC200B excavator adopts mod or remote monitoring system to provide real-time data monitoring and fault diagnosis, which can find and solve problems in a timely manner, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

Used VOLVO EC200B Excavator

Used VOLVO EC200B Excavator

Used VOLVO EC200B Excavator

Used VOLVO EC200B Excavator

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