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Used VOLVO EC210 Excavator

Brand             VOLVO

Model Name        EC210

Operating Weight    20700KG

Dipper Capacity      1m³

Weight             21Ton

Swing Speed         12rpm

Travel Speed         5.6km/h

Engine Model        VOLOV D5E

Engine Power        123KW

Fuel Tank Capacity     300L

Cooling System        14L

Transport Length       9690mm

Transport Width       2800mm

Transport Height       2926mm


Energy efficient: The EC210 Honor excavator uses a Volvo D6B engine with high power and torque output, which provides a strong digging force and achieves efficient use of energy while maintaining strong performance.

Strong stability: The excavator pays attention to stability and balance in the design, has the characteristics of low center of gravity and stable center of gravity, so that it can maintain good stability during the working process and reduce the risk of shaking and tipping.

Convenient operation: The EC210 Honor excavator is equipped with an intelligent control system independently developed by Volvo. Through ergonomic design, the operation is more convenient and simple, the operation difficulty and fatigue are reduced, and the work efficiency is improved.

Good comfort: The excavator pays attention to comfort in the cab design, is equipped with good soundproofing materials and suspension seats, reduces the interference of noise and vibration, and provides a good driving environment.

Used VOLVO EC210 Excavator

Used VOLVO EC210 Excavator

Used VOLVO EC210 Excavator

Used VOLVO EC210 Excavator

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